Leading the way through knowledge and experience.

In Switzerland, we are the market leader in recycling and disposal of electronic scrap. We have been developing, building and operating recycling and disposal facilities for many years to profitable effect. No other organisation in the industry can match us in terms of expertise, experience and quality standards. You can benefit from this too. We have been building, operating and optimising recycling plants for electronic and household scrap since 1986. We are part of the Thommen Group, a Swiss recycling enterprise which was founded in 1936 and is now run by the third generation of the Thommen family. The Group has around 200 employees overall.

Immark Technology AG

  • planning and implementing turnkey plant solutions
  • supplying individual modules to meet specific requirements for expansion or improvement
  • providing a comprehensive range of services and training schemes


Immark AG

  • operates its own recycling plants in Switzerland