We have the answers.

The market for electronic scrap is constantly changing: volumes are rising, regulations and requirements are increasing, and new technologies are paving the way for higher recycling rates. Since we operate plants ourselves, we know exactly what is important for our customers

“We want to get into eRecycling and need to plan and build a plant. Why is Immark Technology the ideal

partner for us?”

Simply having a plant is not enough. What you need is first-rate operational expertise – and answers to key questions:

  • What business prospects does the source material offer?
  • How should we deal with any hazardous substances that need to be disposed of?
  • How can we ensure an efficient flow of goods?
  • How should we coordinate our processes?
  • How should be organise the internal logistics?
  • How should we sell our fractions, and at what price?
  • How can we ensure maximum workplace safety?

We offer you advice and guidance throughout the entire process, from the initial project idea to selling your fractions.

“We run a recycling plant and want to improve or expand it. How can Immark Technology help us with this?”

We assess the current state of your plant, find out what you

want and need and answer your questions:

  • Does it make sense to optimise the existing plant? If so, by what means or using which modules?
  • How can we make the plant more efficient?
  • How can the end product be optimised?
  • How can we increase the recycling rate?

Since we are familiar with the processes involved, we can identify potential for exploiting synergies and improving efficiency and suggest suitable measures to you.

“How can we obtain the best prices for our end products?”

We cultivate close, long-standing relationships with end customers and know what individual fractions are worth. You can hand over your materials to us and we'll offer you excellent prices.

“Who will train and instruct our staff?”

There is still a shortage of well-trained staff for operating recycling plants. We run a recycling business ourselves and provide training for our employees on operating the plant and occupational safety. We employ university graduates with degrees in environmental sciences and experienced professionals from related industries. We also offer apprenticeships to prospective recycling specialists. We can instruct your staff on site or at your own premises – a combination of the two is often the best solution.

“How can we achieve maximum workplace safety?”

This is another thing we know all about, both in theory and in practice: we employ safety officers and have developed our own safety policy. This gives us guidance on how to deal with problematic substances as well as, for example, how to prevent explosions at our new toner recycling plant. It goes without saying that our policy fulfils the requirements of the European CE standard with regard to health, safety and security and environmental protection.